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Surviving_CRM_2015_300pxThis is my collection of links related to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. You can browse through the links by using the categories menu. The latest link additions can be found from below.

Although it is hosted on WordPress.com, this site is not an actual blog. You can find my thoughts on Dynamics CRM from a blog hosted elsewhere, called Surviving CRM.

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Visio stencils for Dynamics CRM UI mockups by PowerObjects

Visio stencils for drawing UI mockups of CRM 2013 and CRM 2015 forms, Nav Bar and dashboards.


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CRM Power BI Connector by Fenix Solutions

Use saved views in Dynamics CRM Online or on-premises to create and update Power BI datasets with this free connector solution.



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Allows recording signature input via a web resource on a CRM form and storing the resulting image as an attachment to the record.



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Alexander Development Dynamics CRM Configuration Data Mover


Transport configuration data across different CRM organizations while preserving the original record GUID’s, to ensure references do not need to be modified in each environment.


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D CRM Editable Grid


Editable HTM5 gird for showing subgrids from multiple related entities inside a web resource on the record form. Includes keyboard navigation, undo, search and many other features.

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Dynamics CRM Easy Grid


Editable grid that can be embedded to entity forms as HTML5 web resource to show a subgrid of related records and enable editing the values inline.

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Woodswork Bench for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Tools to build URL’s to open forms & views directly, find GUID hidden in URL, encode & decode text.

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