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Surviving_CRM_2015_300pxThis is my collection of links related to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. You can browse through the links by using the categories menu. The latest link additions can be found from below.

Although it is hosted on WordPress.com, this site is not an actual blog. You can find my thoughts on Dynamics CRM from a blog hosted elsewhere, called Surviving CRM.

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Javascript library for simplifying the development of interactive forms for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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PFE Core Library for Dynamics CRM


Dynamics CRM source code developed by the Microsoft Premier Field Engineering (PFE) team for sample/prototype solutions. The library contains the following components:

  • XrmServiceManager Classes – Provide a simplified and efficient connection pattern to CRM services regardless of the authentication method
  • ParallelServiceProxy Classes – Provide abstracted parallelized processing of CRM service operations
  • Query Extensions – Methods for retrieving all pages and performing operations on each page of results
  • Security Extensions – Methods for encrypting/decrypting values and converting between String and SecurityString types
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Dynamics CRM 2015 Calculate Rollup Field (Workflow Activity)


Custom workflow activity for recalculating the CRM 2015 rollup field value immediately (via the CalculateRollupField message), instead of waiting for the system jobs to update the field value in the background.

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CRM 2013/2015 Easy Navigation Solution


Resurrect the old CRM 2011 style navigation on the entity form: left side navigation for related entities and form section anchors + additional top tabs for form sections.


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CRM Access Team Mover


Console application that allows you to copy Access Team Templates from one CRM environment to another. Helps avoiding a problem where an exported solution’s entity form refers to an an Access Team Template GUID that doesn’t exist in the target organization.

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Fetch Tester 3000


Easily build FetchXML queries, preview results, export & more with this managed solution for Dynamics CRM.


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FetchXml Builder for XrmToolbox


Tool for constructing Fetch XML queries in ways that Advanced Find cannot.



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