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Surviving_CRM_2015_300pxThis is my collection of links related to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. You can browse through the links by using the categories menu. The latest link additions can be found from below.

Although it is hosted on WordPress.com, this site is not an actual blog. You can find my thoughts on Dynamics CRM from a blog hosted elsewhere, called Surviving CRM.

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Network View for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Visualize the relationships between accounts, contacts and activities in a network graph. More details from this blog post by Scott Durow.


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Link Buddy for Dynamics CRM

Windows (WPF) app that translates one or more CRM entity record GUIDs into CRM “addressable” form hyperlinks


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Toolbox for Dynamics CRM plugin: Dependencies Sorter


Identify circular dependencies between entities.

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Toolbox for Dynamics CRM plugin: Solutions comparer


Compare the contents of CRM solutions XML in two different organizations. Save the complete analysis results or only diff between the organizations to identify what components have been added, removed, changed or moved.

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MS CRM Security Roles to Excel Export


Export the detailed privileges of every CRM security role into an Excel workbook.


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Solution History for CRM 2013/2015


Audit the import events for different Dynamics CRM solution versions and their components with this XrmToolBox plugin.


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CrmXpress Drag-n-Drop Upload Control for Dynamics CRM 2015/2013


Drag & drop upload control to be added onto CRM entity forms for adding attachments to the record.

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