Xrm Unit Testing Framework provides a long list of features that makes developing unit tests in CRM quicker, faster, easier, and more reliable.

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Fake Xrm Easy



FakeXrmEasy is an open source automated testing framework specifically designed for Dynamics CRM versions 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016.

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Dependent OptionSet Generator by CRM Answers


A tool to create and update JSON configurations for Dynamics CRM Dependent Option Sets.

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Workflow Elements


Custom workflow activities for performing the following tasks in workflow process steps:

  • Query for a table (and produce the output for an email message, for example)
  • Query for a single value
  • Query for a list
  • Format date and time
  • Get date parts
  • Add/subtract date and time
  • Retrieve workflow metadata


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MS CRM Expand/Collapse all Tabs using Ribbon Button


Toggle the CRM entity form tab state from a Command Bar button.


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Plug-in Configuration Manager Utility


Manage the Plug-in Step secure/unsecure configuration for multiple steps in bulk. Read more details about the performance impact.


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PandaDoc for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Design, generate and distribute documents with dynamic contents from CRM, associate documents with CRM records, track opens and views, enable electronic signature and approval workflow via the PandaDoc cloud service.


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