StressStimulus Performance Testing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM / 365

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EasyRepro: Automated UI testing API for Dynamics 365

“The purpose of this library is to provide Dynamics customers the ability to facilitate automated UI testing for their projects. “

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Dynamics 365 Power BI Query Accelerator by Sonoma Partners

Simplify the creation of Power BI reports from the OData feed of Dynamics 365 with this tool that automatically maps option set and lookup values, renames columns with Dynamics 365 field labels, enables the use of system and personal views as query criteria, overcomes the FetchXML paging limit. See this blog post for more details.

Update: now also available as an XrmToolBox plugin.

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Entity Relation Diagram Creator for XrmToolBox

Generate ERD visualization of your CRM data model with this XrmToolBox plug-in from Bas van de Sande. Based on NClass UML class diagram creator tool.


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Dynamics CRM Deployment Wizard

Automate Dynamics 365 deployments that include solutions files, Configuration Data Mover jobs and any system commands.

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CRM Code Editor by Jason Lattimer

Intro blog post:

GitHub repository:

Enhanced JavaScript editor for performing quick edits within the Dynamics 365, instead of the standard web resource editor. Similar to Visual Studio Code IDE.


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Dynamics CRM Build Tools

xRM Continuous Integration (CI) Framework tools for automated DevOps processes, covering build automation and release automation in VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services).




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